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„Fountain Media: Evangelism From The Clear Fountain”

 Dear Visitors!
Five years ago, Fountain Media started a media evangelism program broadcast over the radio and TV, called „Fountain Media: Evangelism From The Clear Fountain” in Budapest Hungary. (

By now Fountain Media has a 24/7 radio broadcast Budapest SOLA RADIO 101,6 MHz and online  available listen on this website.

Our ministry recognized the importance of a radio station which is the voice of other Christian, Protestant churches. We are a „Protestant” radio station whose priority is spreading God’s message in Hungary and worldwide.

About 3-4 years ago „Fountain Media” started to produce Christian programs  every day about God, the Bible, and our beliefs including interesting reports, talk shows, kids programs, and quality Christian music all day long.

According to web statistics (MyStat), there are listeners in many other countries as well (European countries, USA, Brazil, Japan, Lebanon, and Australia). Many pastors and church members from other denominations offered their help and prayers for these radio programs.

Currently we have several volunteer editors producing the various Christian radio programs at SOLA RADIO and four professional producers and managers. To keep up with the demand we need hire three more professionals. We have been blessed to receive numerous inspiring stories from listeners recounting stories of conversions and encouraging us to continue our ministry. (see below)

In order to expand the programs to meet new demands and take advantage of new opportunities, we need your support. If you would like to support the programs of SOLA RADIO, please see below DONATION information.


SOLA RADIO runned by Fountain Media Ltd. owned by privat person. We are independent from ANY churches, our support comes only from private individuals or believer groups. Thus far, God has blessed us with the support that we needed as to run radio programs each day.

In order to expand the programs to meet new demands and take advantage of new opportunities, we need your support. Fontana Media Association support exclusively SOLA RADIO and all donaiton will used for this radio media mission. If you would like to support, please see details bellow:

Beneficiary: FORRAS MEDIA EGYESULET ( Fountain Media Association)

Address of beneficiary:  H-1093 Kozraktar u. 24. IV. 9/a Budapest HUNGARY

Name of Bank: OTP BANK 
IBAN account number:  HU54117070002109846800000000



„I could not sleep one night, twisting and thoughts rushed out, including that of you esteemed media work, carried out by the radio. In the morning I felt motivation to jump into my car and early morning gave a significant amount of money through my dear friend to pass contribution to the Fountain Media. I appreciate this service and I am happy that I could support it. ”

„God has blessed this month in particular my life and my job gave me an extraordinary reward, which was not expected. So, now I am very pleased to offer this amount for Fountain Media to donate your mission. Surely, You need this support, and I am happy to be able to help with this work.”

„Hot loving, science cluster, seasoned with salt testimony is completely satisfied, the authors report a respectful, confidential honor betrayed preparedness carried away. The poems, songs are deeply resonated, thank you. God’s rich blessing accompany your work!”

„Dear Editorial! Very good podcast, like your radio! I am a local reporter, and inquiring whether there is a possibility to work as a presenter in connection with local religious and cultural news?”

„It was a great programme! I hope many more such listening!”

„It is very useful your Church News, it is really refreshing to listen! As you self-proclaimed that „only good news we supply .” God bless you for that! I believe that your radio is in God’s hand and good to know that more and more new person involved and expertise and diligence in your work.”

„A friend recommended your radio podcast, and I was looking for you with great joy. Did not heard about this Radio before, but your programme is prospered valuable and meaningful. Thank you!”

„Congratulations to this colorful, varied, high-quality radio programme.  Accidentally discovered your Radio, it is a surprise to hear a human voice among many „noise”.”

„Studies in the Book of Revelation ” I listen to lectures more times. The teachings are very timely. Few have the message to transfer the will of God through the Holy Spirit and explaining people friendly to understand,. Now this happens in this series . God has his people of all time.”

„A few weeks ago on the streets one old friend call me, who was silver medalist in canoeing Olympic champion. I am pleased he said, now they are listening to the Revelation series of my talk , and want to order the complete series DVD n. I was pleased to complete His request .”

„Thank you for the opportunity to talk in your Radio studio. God has a special way you opened the door giving an opportunity for me , which God promises to my city, Dunavarsany. A lot of people listening to the morning show this built new beliefes.”

„Few months ago our ministry ran out of money as many times before. It was payday, and we did not know how we would pay our three employees. The leaders prayed for this issue and went home. On the way home, one of them got a phone call from a Hungarian church member from Norway and she asked about Fountain Media’s mission work. After a 10-minute talk, she said she was happy to hear these good news about our mission work because she and her husband wanted to send some donation to „Fountain Media”. Two days later we got the donation, and we could give our employees their paychecks.”

„Another time we had to pay the rent for the studio (about $800), but we did not have enough money. Everybody prayed at home and asked God for help. Next morning a visitor came to our studio and looked for one of the pastors. They sat down and talked about our TV and radio programs. The visitor said that he was a member of a Baptist church, and he liked our programs very much. Then he gave $800 to the ministry to support our mission work. We got the exact amount what we needed, and we could pay our rent right away.”